Epic School

Making knowledge work at EPIC

EPIC is a vigorous and forward looking school with the formidable objective of maintaining quality teaching based on research and Islamic values. Our interest is in making our children benefit the academic nature of our program and the innovative teaching methodology. We seek to inculcate an open mindedness and a questioning attitude to knowledge so that students become challenging and fun to teach.

Students will actively be encouraged to develop/accept positions of responsibility (class monitors, house captions, club presidents etc). Peer assisted leaning programs will be developed. Student will be trained to facilitate the learning of the junior students.

The skills we are targeting to develop are leadership, team work, self reliance, good communication and project management. In order to achieve our objectives the most up to date developments and ideas will be incorporated in the teaching along with a development of Islamic value and a belief in the mission of the Muslim Ummah.

We are looking forward to seeing our children being stimulated by the EPIC environment and keen to participate in the joint venture of contemporary and Quranic studies. Although support will always be at hand if required, a strong emphasis will be laid on self reliance. EPIC wants its children to be part of something bigger than just their course, to develop a mark of high quality. We confront our children with new challenges, new ideas and make them aware of a world wide perspective.