We at EPIC are deeply committed to the quality and relevance of education. High quality education is informed by high quality faculty with a vision for development and a commitment to stay at the forefront of educational and intellectual development. Children will be a part of an EPIC team and will work with administration and faculty who are at the leading edge of research into methodology. And will share with them an excitement of pioneering ideas. Our experienced staff will be subject to ongoing training inspired to develop an outward looking tradition extending to openness and innovation in education.

Our training in Action Research informs and constantly invigorates our teaching. Our staff understands their obligation to EPIC and its mission and more specifically to the students.

Teacher Selection is based on the intellectual strength and depth they possess enabling them to become leading educationists in their own right.


EPIC will excel in its teaching methodology which is combination of tried and tested methods with innovative approaches based on sound research into pedagogy. Support for teaching and learning is provided through projects and collaboration involving staff in a wide range of areas.


The EPIC library will function to help open up new avenues of thought. Children will be stimulated to voice their thoughts and ideas and will be encouraged to critically react to whatever they encounter in the field of knowledge; to question, to learn and to form ideas. The librarian will prepare and work out children`s reading programs according to the student`s levels and requirements. This work will be done in close proximity with the teachers of other subjects.

Student Council

Close links are expected to develop between the administration and the student council in an endeavor to make students a part of the responsibility sharing body, their suggestions and complaints will be taken aboard thus developing their confidence and self respect. This move will be an invitation to the children to enter adulthood and maintain a constantly improving working environment through which the school`s interpersonal relationship will flourish.

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee will comprise of administration and parents representation. The health of an institution is dependent on the smooth interaction and involvement of the people concerned. The two most important people who help to shape a child`s future are parents and educators.

EPIC believes in maintaining a close repertoire with the parents of our children who are their best well wishers. We value the parent`s advice and concern and for this reason we plan to have a formal body with parent representation in dealing with school matters of their concern.

Islamic Environment

The EPIC mission is to rebuild the Muslim Ummah in its true original essence and to recapture its lost glory and character. This EPIC task can only be achieved by educating our new generation about their identity as Muslims, to make them Islam proud and to reawaken the environment of the days of the sahaba. Truth, sacrifice, honesty, hard work, commitment and a sense of accountability will be the order of the day. Children will be made to realize the importance of sunnah and of a life led in the footsteps of the Prophet (S.A.W.W)

Teaching Quality Assurance Committee

This committee comprises of the principal, external evaluator and senior teachers of the school. The committee will be in charge of the monitoring and evaluation of courses programs and methodology teachers` classroom practices). The following aspects are covered; curriculum design (content and organization), teaching, learning and assessment, student progress and achievements, student support and guidance, learning resources and quality management and enhancement.

Clubs And Societies

Extra curricular activities are the life line of an institution and we have planned out a comprehensive program, for our pupils. Bearing in mind the school philosophy and mission the program will enhance student`s experience through a stimulating environment for personal and academic development.

Diverse and lively activities will be devised to bring out the latent potentials of the children who will enjoy the challenging opportunities that we offer. These include debating, writing, social work, Qiraat, calligraphy and more. Field trips and guest speakers will give an added dimension to the work being done. Children will catch on to the excitement of being a part of the global community and will find themselves looking beyond the horizons, beyond the limited space of the school, home and even their country. This outward looking relevant futuristic approach indicates the breadth and quality of expertise EPIC can bring to bear.


Special arrangements have been made for children to take up lawn tennis, swimming and riding. These are optional and an extra fee will be charged if a child is interested in taking any of these options. School premises allow enough space for children to engage themselves in outdoor activities like badminton, table tennis and some athletics. Judo Karate classes are also on the sports agenda of the school. Some of these activities will take place during school hours, but for others an after school time will be allotted in collaboration with the parents and the availability of the desired facility.