Rules and Regulations

Instructions For Our Students

  • Always aim to be punctual: There is no excuse for poor time-keeping
  • You are reminded that school begins at:
    • 8:00a.m—12:30pm for Pre Nur,
    • 8:00a.m—1:00pm Nur & K.G
    • 7:30a.m —-2:30pm for I-IX
  • Late Comers will be given two reminders and will be sent home the third time.
  • Keep your uniform ready at night and pack the bag before going to bed. This is never to be done in the morning.
  • Always keep a handkerchief in your bag.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear expensive jewellery/watches. If they have long hair it should be properly pinned back. No makeup is allowed in school.
  • Make sure your lunch box has no junk food.
  • An application for leave should be submitted if the child is absent, along with a medical certificate in case of serious illness.
  • Help keep your class litter free; the result will be a healthier environment for us all to work in. Please use the dust bin.
  • Remember, except for Urdu period we talk to each other in English so that we learn it well.
  • You look so nice when your hair, uniform and shoes are neat and tidy.
  • Cut your nail regularly to get rid of the germs that settle under the nails.
  • Be polite and considerate to others at all times and expect the same treatment for yourself.
  • Children are not allowed to leave during school hours without a written application.
  • Parents wishing to meet teachers during school trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate hours are requested to make a prior appointment with the office.
  • To meet the emergencies well in time, you are requested to intimate the school office of any change of residence, address or telephone number.
  • No child will be re tested for scheduled tests.
  • A weekly report will be sent to all parents. Parents are requested to sign and send it back. New ideas are always welcome.
  • Jazak Allah Khair EPIC Administration

Punctuality, Absense And Leave Rules

We at EPIC are very particular about our children`s punctuality and seriousness about the school attendance, activities and events. We consider it a part of their character building program. Children should develop a serious approach to all their ventures in life and this begins at school. They should learn to take their own responsibility. It is our desire that parents cooperate with us and the children, in developing this important habit in the children. In order to implement this, the school may enforce a fine and in the event of chronic and recurring cases students may be sent home.

Unnecessary leave is discouraged, and if at all children for some serious genuine reason have to absent themselves, a leave of absence will have to be submitted by the parent/guardian before the date/s of absence. Cases of illness are an exception to this rule. A medical certificate would be required along with an application for leave of illness lasting more than 4 days and before examination and other important events at school.

In case of absence the child would not be scheduled for the exam/assessment which may fall that day. A fine of Rs.100/-would be charged in the case of uniformed absence. It applies to the club timing as well.


The School colors are dark green khaki and white and will be worn as follows:


Green Tunic, White Blouses, Khaki Shalwars and white Hijabs

In winters: Green Cardigans and Blazers.


White Shirts with Green Pocket Flap, Khaki Trousers

In Winters: Green Sweaters and Blazers



Green Skirts and White Blouses


Green Shorts and White Shirts

In Winters: Green Sweaters.